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Introduction ???

I'm not sure if this is an introduction, explanation or apology.
You see I don't claim to be a writer.
What we have here is a collection of "Short Stories" (for lack of a better word)
of little adventures I've had.
They were never meant to be part of a book or anything like that.
Some were written as a type of diary, some as a document of events to share with friends and family when I got home and some as a glorified ship's log.
Each of these stories have been written at the time or just after and haven't been changed since.
So you may notice a change in attitude or writing style as time goes on
I'm not saying it gets better, just that it may change a little.
Not much more to say read on, if you please.

Unfortunately I can't find the files to link up here. (Jan 2015)

In the mean time click here to go back to my older site's files on this subject

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Short Video Clip of a
bit of weather during a
Trans-At on a 38ft Cat

(Courtesy of Doug Hendrix)
Full Trans-At_video
About 30 mins long