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Charters in The Canary Islands
On a 45ft Sun Odyssey Deck Saloon called Moonchild

How it all started
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Atlantic Islands Sailing is a family business run by Paul and Sally Cook,
offering yacht charter on the beautiful Atlantic island of Lanzarote.

And here's a quote from Paul and Sally themselves:

"At Atlantic Islands Sailing SL, we want you to have a sailing holiday on a well-equipped yacht but at an affordable price.
We keep our prices lower by managing and running our own company.
We offer a personalized service 24 hours a day,
offering more than our competitors in customer care.
We own our yacht, maintaining and equipping it to our high standards especially with regard to safety. We will not add any hidden extras to our prices unlike many other charter companies that charge extra for essential items.
We will provide a yacht that will not advertise our company, will be clean and well maintained. The Canary Islands provide perfect sailing conditions summer or winter with their subtropical climate, year round sunshine, predominately NE trade winds and crystal clear waters.
We are based in Puerto Calero, a picturesque exotic marina with waterfront restaurants, cafes and designer boutique shops. Located on the east coast of Lanzarote, in an ideal position for you to begin to enjoy the great natural beauty of these islands."

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Short Video Clip of a
bit of weather during a
Trans-At on a 38ft Cat

(Courtesy of Doug Hendrix)
Full Trans-At_video
About 30 mins long